About The Illustrators

Initiated by Steven Lyall in August 2010, The Illustrators is a creative team of digital media, web, 3D and graphic designers committed to innovation and quality creations. We support a fun-loving environment that nurtures creativity and expression of thought. Our coffee machine has been replaced more times than the printer and birthdays quickly turn into impromptu cake-eating contests. For us, new projects are celebrated, deadlines are worshipped and creativity and original thought are the most prized possessions of all. Most importantly, we all understand that everything we do is for a single purpose: the business success of our clients. So from the bottom of our hearts, welcome to The Illustrators. Where creativity and marketing collide. Where work is powered by inspiration.

You Said It

John Cherriman, AgriNet Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
The Illustrators are able to deliver exactly what a company is thinking with minimal effort. They are enthusiastic, have an interest in what the client requires and are able to interpret that into high quality web and branding work. A friendly attitude combined with effective turnaround means that when we have outsourced to The Illustrators we've never been disappointed with the results. Great Results, High Integrity, Creative. August 7, 2011, by John Cherriman (M.D., AgriNet Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd.)
Sreeti Mondol, Memories of a Butterfly
The Illustrators have been and continue to be a huge support to my company. Their efficiency and precise Web Solutions are bettered by their one-on-one availability and personalized commitment. Their Branding Solutions are out of the box and impeccably concise. The Illustrators' hands-on experience and ability to provide quick and customized support is what you will find most comforting. The Illustrators are definitely the one stop shop for Web and Brand Development for large and small businesses. January 25, 2012, by Sreeti Mondol, Director & Principle Designer, Memories of a Butterfly
Ricky Tyler, 2015 Australian Service Excellence Awards
I highly recommend Steven and as a business owner, his value vs. cost ratio is excellent. He is personable and conversational, which makes it easy to work with him. Ricky Tyler, International Lead, 2015 Australian Service Excellence Awards
Andy Ambat, Musician and Philanthropist
Steven is an extremely skilled designer and someone who's second name is Quality. He doesn't settle for anything less than the best and always brings alot of creativity and new ideas with him in anything that he is working on. I've had the pleasure of working with him on numerous occasions and have found him to be very trustworthy, consistent and reliable. Andy Ambat, Musician and Philanthropist